HuMan 40" x 40"

HuMan 40" x 40"

HuMan by Megan Whittaker


A message from the artist 


Manchester-based photographer Lee Jeffries’ beautiful work photographing people dealing with homelessness inspired this piece. His simple black and white photography is striking and captures the life in each individual he photographs, and I wanted to encapsulate that in this painting.


I always loved art at school but now I am studying medicine at university, largely as I believe that treating patients and helping people with free healthcare will be my way of pushing for social justice, something that people facing homelessness struggle with every day.


I grew up in South London where homelessness is a huge issue, and having volunteered weekly at a hospital in Camberwell, I met many patients dealing with homelessness and related social issues. You realise while talking to the patients that everyone has their own life story, these people are pushed onto the edges of society and it is made almost impossible for them to get back in. Therefore I tried to reflect intimacy in this portrait, making it close up, so you are dared to look straight into his eyes and face the fact that this is not a homeless person, this is a human being.