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The Exhibition

On the 15th of December, we began the process of curating our finest pieces of work for display in the Tyne Bank brewery, all to raise money for charitable causes. Each piece, with its own unique story and a depth behind it like no other.

Over the past few months Street Art Initiative has been working with artists in the North East and supported them to produce and sell their works. We have only been able to display our work via our platforms online… until now!


Inspired by the brewing scene on the West Coast of America Julia Austin founded Tyne Bank Brewery in 2011. Building on the North's historic love of beer, their craft ales soon became so popular they outgrew their first home. So in 2016 they invested and crowdfunded, to relocate to their new home, an industrial-style, 13,000 sq ft warehouse with tap room and events space on the edge of Ouseburn, home to Newcastle’s vibrant creative community just a short stroll from the city centre. Here drinkers can enjoy a pint whilst watching the brewhouse in action.

Ouseburn is the creative hub of Newcastle, with art flowing throughout its history. Young, creative locals frequent cool bars, farm-to-table eateries, and live music venues including the Biscuit Factory arts complex.

How did we do it?

After a phone conversation between Julia and Oscar, an agreement was made for us to display our entire collection. It was then a rush to curate, organise and display all 16 pieces (with more to come in the New Year). But we did it!

Works from Mick Smith, Aly Smith, Les Peacock and Megan Whittaker can be seen all over the brewery. The magnificent backdrop of the brewing equipment provides the perfect atmosphere for our pieces.

All monies raised from this exhibition will be used to tackle homelessness and support the 2021 suicide prevention campaign by Changing The Game UK.

See our entire gallery here

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