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Street Talk

What is Street Talk?

As we mentioned in our previous blog post; Mission, Mind and Matter, part of our mission is to help kickstart other projects. Street Talk is a mental health helpline based in Newcastle aimed at supporting young people and their mental health. Phone lines will be open 12 hours a day, every day and manned by an amazing team of student volunteers.

How was it formed?

Street Talk was formed as a branch off of Street Art. Oscar, the founder of Street Art Initiative was a student at Newcastle University and understands the struggles that young people go through day to day. Our team of over 25 volunteers are currently working on a specially designed training course covering a wide range of topics from dealing with panic attacks, loneliness and sexual violence. We expect volunteers to complete the training by January 2021.

Why was it formed?

In 2018, 363 males and 104 females aged between 20-24 took their own lives (ONS). A deeply saddening statistic that is only set to get worse with increasing social and economic pressure. We at Street Art Initiative want to do our bit to change this. Street Talk is our bit.

How will it help?

Street Talk will be there for people no matter what problem they are facing. Whether it be family problems, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, we will be on hand to speak to users day and night. We want people to call even if they are just having a bad day. We believe that a problem shared is a problem halved and we encourage people to speak up about struggles they are having. When users call they will be put through to one of our friendly, trained volunteers and encouraged to have a completely confidential conversation.

In an ever changing society, now more than ever we need to support one another. Street Talk will be with us in January, in the mean time check up on your friends, and look after yourself.

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