• Oscar Slacke

ReBrand - ReStructure

As we have announced over our socials, we as an organisation are going through some changes. You are probably wondering what this means?

What is changing?

We are expanding! Yes, that’s right we are expanding not only geographically but also expanding the amount of artists we have on board. We will now be accepting art from talented artists, all over the country from any background.

How will this affect you?

Only in the best way! We will have a lot more stunning and incredible pieces to show you in 2021 and best yet, when you purchase with us, you are directly supporting artists and their careers.

What foundations will the re structure be built on?

- Empowering artists

- Creating equal opportunity

- Enriching local communities through supporting projects

- Creating high quality, affordable and sustainable artwork

These are, and always will be the four pillars that our organisation is built on. We will be empowering artists from all over the country and giving them the opportunity to thrive from our platform. Our artists will be from all backgrounds, each piece with its own unique story behind it.

A portion of our profits will be used to enrich community projects far and wide, from local charities, to do-gooders. An example of this is the funding of our sister organisation the mental health helpline - Street Talk.

We will be curating and selling affordable, high quality artworks from our talented artists.

With every purchase, you are not only buying a story, you are helping to create someone else's .

See you soon and as always, thank you for supporting us through this journey.

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