• Oscar Slacke

Mission, Mind and Matter

You may wonder what happens behind the scenes at Street Art Initiative. Today I'm going to give you a detailed insight into what our mission is, what our minds are focused on and what matters we are addressing.


At Street Art our Mission is ultimately to help people. We believe in the philosophy of 'Do something every day that makes the world a better place.' We took that philosophy and applied it to our work. At the moment the main ways we do that is as follows.

Giving disadvantaged artists the chance to produce and sell their artwork.

We do this by providing them with tools (supplies, canvases) and support (24hr communication and advice). We also handle the storage, marketing, promotion and sale of artwork . This allows our artists to fully engage with their artwork while we handle the nitty gritty.

Donating time and support to other local charities.

We do this by donating 10% of our profits directly to these charities. At the moment the main charity we help is St Vincent's located in Ouseburn. Oscar, our founder also regularly volunteers at their partner organization - Vinnies Cafe.

Helping to kickstart other projects!

We are currently working on a project that is aimed at helping young people and their mental health. Street Talk is a mental health helpline that will be operational 12 hours a day 7 days a week. Volunteer call handlers will be trained to answer calls from people struggling with a variety of issues. Street Talk aims to be there for people whether they are having a bad day or a bad month.


Our Minds are focused on the future of Street Art Initiative and I’m going to tell you a little bit about what we have planned!

Now until the end of 2020:

We plan to get Street Art Initiative registered as an official charity! At the moment we are operating as an unofficial charity however when we are registered we will have access to funding and other useful tools, which will enable us to grow and help more people.

Once we are registered as a charity this will open doors to expanding over the UK! This means: more talented artists, more incredible artwork, more communities coming together to help each other. Of course, 10% of our sales will still go to other charities across the UK, we like to think of this as one charity helping another, which reflects our initial philosophy 'Do something every day that makes the world a better place.'

2020 and beyond:

Whilst continuing our day to day operations and expanding across the UK, we will continue to support other projects such as Street Talk. We hope to have a team of employees working for us to not only help Street Art grow, but to enrich their life experience by giving them first hand participation. Becoming a registered charity will enable us to do this!


What Matters to us at Street Art?

People, Experience, Growth.

The people we work with are at the forefront of what we do. We listen to them and their needs and help them to produce work that they are proud of. The experiences gained through Street Art are beneficial not only for myself and my team but to the artists themselves. Growth of the organisation and also of the people we help is something that matters deeply to us. The encouragement of artists allows them to express themselves freely on the canvas, they can truly escape into a world of their own and leave the rest to us.

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