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Invest, Incite

How do art investments work?

Art can increase in value depending on many factors, such as who the artist is, how successful their career has been and the demand for their artwork. Up and coming artists can often be great to invest in due to their work initially being less expensive. Buy low, sell high.

An Art Basel annual report estimates global art market sales reached over £50 billion in 2018.

Art is a long term investment, meaning that you won’t make your money overnight. Experts recommend art investments with a time window of 10 years or more.

Art doesn’t work like the Stockmarket and it has rules of its own. If your stocks aren’t performing well, your art investment may be booming. Investors who want to diversify their portfolio often turn to Art.

Is now a good time to invest?

With uncertain times ahead you may wonder if now is the best time to be purchasing artwork. Financial pressures experienced by everyone at the moment have led people to cut back on spending on the ‘non essentials’.

Because of the Art world having to adapt to economic pressures, there are some incredible deals on artwork that would otherwise be unaffordable. Experts from around the world believe this industry will bounce back stronger than ever and a much needed change is in progress.

We say invest in artwork that speaks to you, whether it's your first purchase or you are adding to your collection, Purchase Purposefully.

What is changing? says “Class and affluence have long set up a divide in the art world, barring the masses from immersing themselves in the close-knit community. Furthermore, the fine art market continues to be conservative when it comes to the type of artists who have the largest market share; out of the topmost profitable artists, the majority are white and male.”

At Street Art Initiative we are contributing to that change. We are offering the platform for disadvantaged artists, who may otherwise have not had the chance, to sell their stunning pieces. We were founded during the pandemic and therefore we were born into the change, our everyday practice echos the need for change in technology, expansion of art communities and giving opportunity to others.

A piece of art you purchase from us won’t only be an investment for you, it will be an investment into the wider community.

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