How do you find your artists?

We first get in touch with various programs or charities from around the country and ask if any of their clients want to get involved. These art programs could be anything from charity run art programs to art therapy groups. Once they have put forward the idea to their clients, they are then free to contact us.


How do I become an artist?

Please get in touch with us at 

or +44 7472786872

with your name and contact information and we will be in touch!


How do you pay your artists?

Artists are paid monthly via direct deposit or cheque. If our artists do not have a mailing address, we can send their payment to the shelter in whose art program they participate.


How do you calculate payments to artists?

We initially pay each artist 50% of the profits from their piece. Profit is revenue minus costs - which include but are not limited to storing, insuring, framing and printing the pieces.


How do you decide the price of each piece?

We price our products with our stakeholders interest at heart. 

Clients - high quality products at competitive prices

Artists - creating a stable model whilst maximising their earnings


Are you a charity?

No. We are a limited company by guarantee which means we are 100% NON PROFIT.


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